Sons Of Insanity

Patient #1


Patient #: 1
Name: Jake Burgess
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: October 11, 1993
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV
Assigned Physician: Dr. Insanity

Biographical Data:
The one and only direct creation of Dr. Insanity, Patient #1 has spent the most part of his life in the Sanitarium under heavy treatment for extreme cases of uncontrollable, destructive energy. Treatment has been through excessive periods of time being spent playing the drums, being the only outlet that can fully expel his daily outbursts. The Patient refuses to cut his hair to a certain length, fearing it will weaken his physical and mental state. He has been known to notoriously dye his hair and alter parts of his appearance due to the influence of the androgynous extraterrestrial, Ziggy Stardust. He has been cleared to interact with the outside masses, but only by night, as that's all that interests him. He continues to play and receive psychiatric tutelage from Dr. Insanity daily.

Patient #2


Patient #: 2
Name: Shannon Brooklyn
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: April 13, 1985
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Assigned Physician: Dr. Insanity

Biographical Data:
Born in Atlanta and birthed by traveling musicians, Patient #2 had a natural draw to melody and music. Lost in a world of death and mayhem, he slowly went insane trying to understand the masses. Originally committed to an Atlanta mental ward, Patient #2 was transferred to an institution in the high Nevada desert after an incident beyond their control. Not long after the transfer, the head physicians of the institution began receiving noise complaints from the deaf patient in the cell adjacent to Patient #2's. The doctors proceeded to try and take his bass guitar away from him. The Patient severely bit them both. Bleeding and angered, they shipped him off to the professionals at the Sons of Insanity Sanitarium in the city of Las Vegas. Dr. Insanity knew just what to do. Now allowed to play his bass loud and low, Patient #2 has been cleared to interact with the general population. He has excelled at community activities and is noted to "play well with others".