Sons Of Insanity

The Origin

Founded: December 25, 1975 by Dr. Insanity in San Diego, California
Current Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Number of Staff: Unknown
Head Physician: Dr. Insanity
Head Nurse: Nurse Nancy
Maximum Patient Capacity to Date: Unknown
Maintenance & Security: Assembled from Retired Area 51 Guards, AKA: “Men In Black”

The Beginning: 1975-1987
Dr. Insanity founded his first private practice as the "Sanitarium for Sound Insanity" in the December of 1975. However, within 2 months he changed it's name to the "Sons of Insanity Sanitarium" in reference to a music-related project he was, and still is, involved with. The Sanitarium's primary focus was psychiatric treatment through the manipulation of time and sound on children and young adults. Dr. Insanity felt that treatment at a younger age would better prepare patients for an adulthood in the outside world of modern noise. He proceeded to help hundreds of residents in and around the San Diego and greater Southern California area with great success. The Sons of Insanity Sanitarium eventually grew to have a reputation as a safe haven and treatment center for those whose minds were mentally unhinged by a world of noise and sound pollution.

A New Home: 1987-Present
Through expeditions across the country in late 1982 and early 1983, it became clear to the ears of the Doctor that no city needed more help in sonic psychiatric treatment than the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. News broadcasts, the media and the local underground exploited that the city had become full of clinically insane escapees from the neighboring Nevada test site, home to Area 51, the Black Projects Air Base behind the Groom Mountains, S4, and various other government installations. Dr. Insanity felt a strong urge to help the mentally unbalanced of the city. He proceeded to move the Sons of Insanity Sanitarium to Las Vegas in the spring of 1987. It is rumored that he secretly built an experimental Time & Sound Labyrinth into the underground of the Sanitarium, capable of moving the human mind back and forth through all known emotions. It has been said that the test site escapees, as well as long forgotten social dropouts stricken with extreme forms of mental psychedelia (caused by the Peyote Plague of Nevada between 1967 and 1976), have been healed by the use of spirit walks led by a Shaman in the Time & Sound Labyrinth. Since 1987, the Sons of Insanity Sanitarium has successfully given help to thousands of mentally unbalanced Las Vegas residents through sonic treatment of the mind. In the year 2013, it became the permanent home to 4 particular patients who are known to take part in Time & Sound experiments on a daily basis. Today, Dr. Insanity continues to perform and refine new, cutting edge experiments in sound and music. The Sanitarium remains open to all afflicted by an unsoundness of the mind.